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Bean Sprout Recipes

The young, tender sprouts of germinated beans, bean sprouts, are nutritious, white and crunchy. Mung bean sprouts, also known as Chinese bean sprouts, are the most common variety and have a delicate flavour. They are short and stubby with a little green ‘head’. Soya bean sprouts are longer and … [Read More...]

dehydrated produce

Abundance of taste in a Dehydrator

Food dehydration has been around for centuries as a method of preservation. Not only does food last longer but it remains fresh for quite a while. I am still catching the 'hang' of how to use a dehydrator. There is so much to try out. A dehydrator is so versatile that eventually you can substitute … [Read More...]


Vitamix Recipes

    Soups Dips and spreads Coffees and lattes Nut butters Flours Batters Nut milks Juices Smoothies Frozen desserts … [Read More...]

green lemonade, vitamins

Green ‘lemonade’ Recipe

A lot of people who want to start juicing find it very hard  to know what exactly to use for their juices. There is so much variety out there, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, pineapples, beetroot, carrot and so much more.  The first time I juiced, I was so scared to try anything I ended up only using … [Read More...]

Sauerkraut in bowl

Sauerkraut with an Oscar Juicer

I saw this method of making sauerkraut with the Oscar juicer ,so since I had a nice organic cabbage in the garden I gave it a try. By the way it was a truly organic cabbage with slugs and all that the chickens just loved. The sauerkraut took only 3 days to ferment; It is ready and … [Read More...]

raw pizza

Scrumptious Raw Pizza

I love pizza a lot! So imagine my delight when I found out that this week we are making RAW pizza for our office picnic. A completely new experience for some of our Healthmakers team members who have never had the chance to see the process of making a RAW pizza from start to finish. Being involved … [Read More...]


Wheat-free Vegan Chocolate Biscuits 

So it was Xmas and I fancied a bit of something sweet and chocolaty. All the shop bought biscuits that I found had ingredients with wheat, milk, eggs and margarine. So, I went out on the hunt for something like a healthier treat and found the recipe for these biscuits. Now being a bit of a health … [Read More...]



Magic Diet Pills Friend Or Foe

  Are diet pills just a gimmick or do they


The 10 Benefits of Juicing

I have heard and read it all on a healthy lifestyle,


Green Smoothies for weightloss!

I once read a quote that said 'When you look good, you

Warm_salads_in your_dehydrator before_ serving

Raw food in winter? Yes you can!

Here are some tips to help you maintain a high raw diet

In the Trolley

Vitamix 5200 black

Why Vitamix?

    When it comes to blending

earting carrots

Carrots: The Crunchy Power Food

  'Eat your carrots, they are good for you' at


High Fructose Corn Syrup Information

  There are two observations that I've made

  1. Sodas are not the only sugary drinks
  2. White Bread! Good or Bad?
  3. Chocolate is not always bad for you

Getting Trim


Wendi Dee Raw fully Beautiful

Obesity is something that affects us all. Either we have weight issues personally or we know someone who has been struggling to loose weight and has tried every diet plan available on the market, and they are quite a number of them, all promising that ‘you will look your best in next to no time at … [Read More...]


Get The Jump Ahead With a Rebounder

Around 2001, before most people in South Africa had heard of rebounders, Colleen and Mike Thornhill, (founders of Healthmakers), manufactured and sold a rebounder called the ‘Lymphasizer’.  At that stage, I did research and discovered many interesting facts about rebounders, one of the facts being, … [Read More...]


How Angela Stokes lost over 72kg on raw food

Angela Stokes lost 72 Kg  by moving from a diet of Fast Foods to a rawfood diet that she has maintained as a lifestyle that has offered her more energy, health and happiness. How Angela Stokes lost over 72kg on raw food … [Read More...]

The Truth


Magic Diet Pills Friend Or Foe

  Are diet pills just a gimmick or do they


Sugar Dare to Read This Post

Remember when the cigarette industry kept on denying


Oros Juice Review and Information

Oros juice! you must have heard about it at some point

breast ribbon

Best Breast Health Tips For Woman

Its that time of year again when pink ribbons and media

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Oros juice! you must have heard about it at some point


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