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Papaya (Pawpaw) Tomato and Basil Smoothie

It was a VERY cold winter night and after I had got myself snug by the fire I was VERY reluctant to go into the freezing cold kitchen to make dinner. It got later and later and eventually I figured I needed to make something for dinner. Then it grabbed me! I saw the pawpaw all conveniently cut up in … [Read More...]


Sprouted bean burgers

The quickest and easiest way to get the energy and nutrients that your body needs is through eating sprouts. Sprouts are very versatile - you can add them to a salad, use them in a sandwich or eat them as a snack. They are rich in vitamins C, A, B1,2 and 3, as well as protein, sodium, potassium … [Read More...]


Garlicky, spicy, flax crackers

  I have tried numerous recipes for flax crackers and I adjust them to create the perfect cracker and then find that perhaps another recipe could be more perfect. Anyway, this is a good one.   Ingredients: 1 3/4 cups flax seed – Soak in about 3 cups of water. ( I usually … [Read More...]


Green Juice – Recipe

We had been drinking a combination of carrot juice with the addition of some beetroot and celery. On doing some research I felt that this freshly squeezed juice that was unbuffered by any fibre contained too much sugar. At about the same time I was reading about green juices but was mentally having … [Read More...]

yoghurt cashews

Vegan Yoghurt

Well I never thought I would see the day that I could go back to yoghurt and it would have nothing to do with animals. And I wasn't even looking for yoghurt when I came across this fascinatingly simple method of making the yoghurt, and the starter was even more fascinating. At first I thought it was … [Read More...]

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 3.15.30 PM

Peach Cobbler

Summer is the best time to be in South Africa, as there are so many delicious fruits in season at this time.  Amongst these are peaches.  I love fruits and I am always on the lookout for  healthier recipes to try out, especially during this time of year when its hot. There are lots of picnics and … [Read More...]



Sugar – Dare to Read

Remember when the cigarette industry kept on denying

Kara's Cure

Step One in “How to be Healthy”

This is a great 6 minute video where Lisa Wilson from


You are what you eat

In this BBC healthy eating and nutrition series, the


Ingredients – What is?

So often I have abandoned a good recipe because I

In the Trolley


The ‘Food’ in “My Trolley”

The Category "MY TROLLEY" is there it inform and


Chocolate is not always bad for you

I have always had a thing for chocolate, ever since I


Oros Juice

Oros juice! you must have heard about it at some point


The Humble Cucumber

 Nutrition plays a key role in how people look and

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  3. Doritos – Crunchy and filling triangular deliciousness
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Getting Trim


Wendi Dee- Raw-fully Beautiful

Obesity is something that affects us all. Either we have weight issues personally or we know someone who has been struggling to loose weight and has tried every diet plan available on the market, and they are quite a number of them, all promising that ‘you will look your best in next to no time at … [Read More...]


Get the jump ahead with a Rebounder

Around 2001, before most people in South Africa had heard of rebounders, Colleen and Mike Thornhill, (founders of Healthmakers), manufactured and sold a rebounder called the ‘Lymphasizer’.  At that stage, I did research and discovered many interesting facts about rebounders, one of the facts being, … [Read More...]


How Angela Stokes lost over 72kg on raw food

Angela Stokes lost 72 Kg  by moving from a diet of Fast Foods to a rawfood diet that she has maintained as a lifestyle that has offered her more energy, health and happiness. … [Read More...]

The Truth


Sugar – Dare to Read

Remember when the cigarette industry kept on denying


Oros Juice

Oros juice! you must have heard about it at some point

breast ribbon

Best Breast Health

Its that time of year again when pink ribbons and media


Doritos – Crunchy and filling triangular deliciousness

Doritos - tortilla style corn chips, a name that

  1. The ‘Food’ in “My Trolley”
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Oros Juice

Oros juice! you must have heard about it at some point


Keep your child’s weight healthy by feeding them nutritious beneficial foods

Obesity-Related Health Problems in Kids It's a well


Childhood obesity

I was recently at a hotel for a few days where trying


Childhood Psychiatric Diagnosis & Drugs

I was astounded to find that there are no physical

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